I was 


    in front

of the mirror


   my hands.   






  the mirror













      I Said:


         You lie, July, U lie!

  You make up stories

      and you don’t call 

             them lies!

       How can that be?




     I’m going

   to give you

      an entire





    to celebrate

     story time




       Your month








        Because July,

             you lie,

              u lie…




                        You will


                        the liars






            July first

       of every year…





       Every body







            Do you?













   New Years





        to the liars!















Why Are












          see it?





“No retreat,

No surrender”







By: C.W.P.


 C. W. P.        




A long time ago in the old country there used to be this Don-key named Salvador!

Well Salvador’s owner was a handy man that made stuff out of wood and his knife was the best. He made lots of furniture every month, and Salvador used to hate the day that he had to carry the load. Imagine the little Burro pulling a trailer of furniture and the kind that the eighteen wheelers pull today.

So Salvador’s homey Primo said to Salvador, “I will go tonight when he is asleep and I will make him pay us what he owes us!”

When the Big Boss fell asleep; Primo came over and got his knife and a rock that looked like a knife and a 5.5 inches piece of metal. Iron to be exact…




Salvador was waiting to hear what Primo had done to the Big Boss?

Primo is walking back thinking, “what can I do to really spoil his plans?”

The Big Boss wakes up looks at his knife that is now different and starts cutting lumber even faster.

Primo had made the Big Boss knife into a saw!

So Salvador cursed him by saying, “You, you, you… every Rock is a piece of shit every Shit is a Rock… The scale is your stomach!!! Doesn’t matter what they say. Doesn’t matter what they do!!! Do it, do it, do it”…

“And don’t forget about Maryjane because that is the one that is going to drive them insane…”

The only reason that people like smoking Primos is because primo is eating shit and rocks to balance the shit that people smoke which is Maryjane with crack cocaine. 






You know that the Government has machines that tell you your future. Ones you put your hands on it. The Government wants to know where everybody is and at what time. But we won’t need that.

Is just gonna be BooM…

Lights out!

If you are not on the other side. I won’t even miss you. You’ll be gone. Never existed.

Even this will disappear. No way! This is till I die or and any hopping I find someone smart enough to take over. Do you believe in magic? I’ve seen it! Before my eyes I’ve seen something disappear. That is the five finger discount.


five finger


You see those solar panels that we put up. Aliens use it. To make images in the sky. We have been working for the people and the aliens. Someone that knows and that I’m green was surprised to see me throw my cigarette box on the floor. Well the trash man needs a job too right. I have to give him some work. I have to give him or her some work.

Want to hear a joke? I’ll give you some that I wrote!

  Are you sure that you are an AMERICAN?

What happens if you take out the C and arrange the letters?

You are from ARMENIA and I don’t give a shit what language you speak!

The C is just to calm you down as the ARMENIAN POWER takes over!




There is an Armenian, an Indian, and a Mexican. The Indian is reading the newspaper and says, “Caucasian.” “What the hell is a Caucasian?” The Armenian says: “What are you stupid?” The Mexican says, “Yea man, coke-Asian is an Asian guy that likes doing coke.” “Get it stupid coke-Asian!” “Come on Ara lets do this line.” Ara says, “see man we warned you that weed makes’ you stupid.” “Give me the rolled up bill before you get me mad.”



A woman grew up poor but fought hard to get everything she wanted.

One day she was walking on the street with her boyfriend, whom she had been with since poor and says, “Look at that sick child picking his nose and whipping himself on the wall.”

The boyfriend responds, “Yea, ha. I make it a ball and throw it to people like you.”



Una mujer creció pobre pero lucho para conseguir todo lo que quería.

Un día caminando por la calle con su novio le dice, “mira a ese niño cochino picándose la nariz y limpiándose en la pared”.

El novio le responde, “Ay sí verdad”.

“Yo los hago Bolita, y sé los tiro a gente como tú”.



A guy asks a group of guys, “would you bend over for a penny?”

They say, “Hell no! Not even!” One of them says, “would you, bend over for a penny?” The guy answers, “Well, money is money and if I’m walking down the street and see a penny, I’ll bend over and picked up. What were you perverts thinking?”



I am sitting in the class room before class starts.

A guy comes trying to show off his masculinity and tells me "after work I go to the gym". I interrupt him by saying, "I do four pull ups after taking a shower"

He Says’, “why only four.”

“Because I pull up my socks, I pull up my underwear, and I pull up my pants; I’m done"


Conocí a un mexicano que me dijo, “¡vales madre!” y yo le conteste, “Gracias valgo lo mismo que la tuya.” Se enojó y me dijo, “¡con mi madre no te metas!” y yo le dije, “si tú fuiste el que la mencionaste. Porque para mí, mi madre vale mucho y yo no sé cuánto valga la tuya para ti y porque la comparas conmigo cuando hago tarugadas.”



Iba un hombre hispano caminando con la cabeza agachada y lo detiene un gringo que le dice, “como estas amigo.”

El hombre responde, “ha te acurdas que me quede sin trabajo, bueno ahora ya estoy sin-cuenta.”


¿Que no es cincuenta un numero? ¿Qué quieres decir con que te quedaste cincuenta?”

“No seas wey gringo; me quede sin-cuenta bancaria.”



La policía agarra a un sospechoso por acosar mujeres en el parque y en su confesión escrita; escribió. “Es que estoy estudiando viologia y casi me graduó.

La policía le pregunta; que eso, que tiene que ver y el hombre notando que la policía no sabe de gramática; se pone a carcajear.


               Riddle - Adivinanza

              ¡Tienen algo en Común en Ingles y en español!

                             ¡Si el agua te pide agua!

                      ¿De cuál agua le dieras al agua?

              ¡No le puedes dar agua salada, ni dulce!

          ¡Toda agua tiene sabor pero esta tiene color!

                                    ¿Qué es?


     They have something in common in Spanish and English!

                      If water asked you for water!

         What kind of water would you give water?

      You cannot give it salty water or sweet water

            All water has flavor but this one has color!

                                   What is it?

The answer for English is watermelon! If you say sandilla you are wrong!

The answer for Español o Castellano is Aguacate! If you say avocado you are wrong!

They both start with WATER or AGUA!

They are both Fruits, las dos son frutas and they both have color!




What does it mean?


It means that the Earth is CRAZY!

Do you want probe?

Look down!

What do you see?

I see a whole bunch of cracks everywhere.

See it is CRACKED!

Look there are some people in the world.

That think that they are proud or highly…

So much that they don’t even want to look down…

They walk with their head held high looking straight or up…

They are the reason why this Earth is CRACKED…

They never look down when an innocent creature like an ant or roach

Gets smashed by their big feet…

GOD’S WORD says, “though shall not kill” and it does not mean just people…These kind of people look at a penny and since it is nothing to them; well you know!

They don’t know or understand that according to My Lord God Almighty everyone in the world is worth a penny…

From the presidents, Lawyers, Doctors, and poor…

The problem is that most of these people; believe in their heart.

How much you got. That is how much you are worth…

Within the poor. We have these kind of people. So even though they are poor; they are out of My Lord’s Standards…

Even Beggars have a miss conception. Most of them believe that you should give to them just because they asked and sometimes when they don’t get it they get upset and start talking stupid to you. They lie to people telling them that they need money to eat, bus fair, school, etc…

The Word says, “If you do not work you should not eat”

There are many places where churches, Government facilities, etc. Have locations to provide food and sometimes shelter.

But some of these people don’t care and believe they are worth a lot…

See the Earth is Cracked………………………………………………..


Look the main part to learn is that there is a fight coming up every minute, every second, and uncleanliness makes people to weak. People will lose. Every time people are unclean they lose. This is going to be sudden death…


ARE YOU a person or a WARRIOR?

That is what I’m asking?


hell heaven


It also depends on what God almighty considers work…

You see those handicap people that talk or are moving like if they are saying something to someone…

Well they are!

There are many worlds and this is not really theirs! It is but not completely. They are like aliens reporting to their world. Here many see them as almost nothing but in their real world; they are someone very important like a Movie Star, Artist, etc…

Someone or something not many can compare too…

Like I said this world is cracked or Crazy, and it is not the only world.

Look everybody has power. So much power that it is unimaginable. Now I have symptoms of arthritis.

Since March 2015; I’ve been using a potion or medicine to help to help me.

Which is 100% alcohol and Maryjane. Not the leaves only buds because the buds are the ones that have the oil which the alcohol can take out to make the solution or medicine.

I told someone that I have this and he said that he could cure me once and for all.

I asked how?

He said give me your hand. I gave him my hand and he started massaging it and my hand that had not hurt for weeks started hurting as he massaged it. I said stop that hurts…

He said that had never happen before…

I though and did not say any more. I graved my medicine and rubbed my hands with it. In about a minute or two the hurt stopped.

Now I’m close to God almighty and He shows me things…

All his other victims were or are not close to my Lord…

They are just lost people!

You see sometimes it is better to withstand the pain then let these kind of people put their hands on you because they don’t really know what they are doing. In the long run they are steeling the power that you have in that area and it will make you feel good to be without the power for the blind…

But this is a world of the strong and if you are missing one of your weapons you are going to be vulnerable…

When it comes down to the fight… You will never know your opponent till its right in front of you…

Who, how many, or what you are going to fight; I do not know…

That pain is pretty much preparing you to get stronger. Use medicine but be careful because too much could make you weak. At the end the champ is always standing not sitting or lying down…

You see the winner will never be the one that hits or gets hit! It is the one that can take it or withstand, because people will see one thing but you will know different!

They will be with you and against you!

Only the strong survive!


It will be like walking into hell with your eyes wide open and so strong that no one can touch you…

Even death is just a barrio that can be surpass…

No fear is your best friend!

People are just in the way!

Who is inside the mirror all the time?

My Lord God almighty and he is always blowing people’s heads off because people are not strong enough!

Where is the mirror?


Starting in the water to including in your eye!

See it?

There are so many secrets that I cannot tell you!

It has to be up to you.

Is it worth it to find out?

Then fight for your holiness!

The brain is the best computer ever built!

My Lord, Angels, and Warriors don’t really need these things that man built. The only reason that I am using it is for you because you guys are so cut up in them that it is so hard to communicate with you. I go out and I see almost everyone with some kind of device being entertain or distracted however you want to see it. Many are so cut up with manmade devices that they are going to lose at the end…

    Let it not be for you!

 It will be for the nonbelievers!

If you don’t know who I am yet; let me give you a piece of advice be strong! Not like me, not like the messiah, Not like God almighty! But as strong as you can be and remember that there is no room for weakness in heaven, because in heaven only the strong survive! The only reason that I’m here on an Earthly body talking to you; whether you like me or not is because God almighty has me tied up in heaven! Not the Messiah but the Lord himself and not with chains or Angels or anything you can imagine. In heaven I can go anywhere I want I have no boundaries! I can do whatever I want but there are certain lines that I cannot cross a boundary like when you cross the border to another country. You think the world is huge? Heaven is enormous, unlimited! You’ll never see it all even in an eternity!

You want to know; why my website is for free?

Because of my first name!

My first name was not Satanel, Devil, Satan, Etc…

It is LUZYFAIR which means LIGHT AND JUST!

I got everything free from my Lord God Almighty so why should I take your money!

I’ve always been free to do what I have to do!

Not what I want to do but what my Lord God Almighty tells me and allows me to do!

When we talk about respect we don’t mean property, walls, or anything earthbound. We mead respect life and that is it! You cross the line we are willing and able to kill you but we won’t go that far… My Lord’s Rule not men’s!

Trees have no owners they give their fruit to home ever needs it but men wants to become rich with what he calls treasures. Our real treasure are the things we need like food, medicine, water, fire and air.

People in the world are always crossing lines that they are not supposed to and that is why they end up killing each other though accidents or butting in businesses that don’t concern them. Real Christians get hurt but we are willing to take the pain! Others say that they are Christians but are scared and hide in the thief’s caves!

They hurt because they are unclean!


                    The END


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